Chapter 4: A little more tags

The CENTER tag...

The center tag pretty much explains itself. The opening center tag is <center> and the closing center tag is </center>. Whatever you put between will be centered on the current line!

Example of CENTER tag...

Center Works

<center><h1>Center Works</h1></center>

The BODY attributes...

In Chapter 1 you learned the BODY tag. The BODY tag has many attributes... here are a the most useful ones...

Your own HTML page...

Right click in the centre of the image below, and select "Save Image As" / "Save Picture As", or similar. Save it as "bgnd.gif" in the same directory where your home page "Home.htm" is stored.

Background Image bgnd.gif

Add the following to your HTML page ("Home.htm"): (the blue text is what to add)

<head><title>My Home Page</title></head>
<body background="bgnd.gif">
<center><h1>YOURNAME's Home Page</h1></center>
This is the home page of <b>YOURNAME</b>.
<p>Type something about yourself here. Describe briefly who you are and what you do for a living. Remember to use bold and italic text, for emphasis.</p>

Save the text file as "Home.htm".

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