Chapter 5: Extended Fonts and Text Color

Extended Fonts...

The newest version of many browsers supports extended fonts, in which you can choose to have the document fonts be other than the normal one. This is accomplished by adding the FACE="font_name" attribute to the <FONT> tag. The most commonly supported fonts are Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, Impact, Comic Sans MS, and a few others. It is not recommended to make your page font dependent, because the older versions of many browsers don't yet support this feature.

Example of Extended Fonts...

<font size=+2 face="Verdana">Verdana</font>
<font size=+2 face="Arial">Arial</font>
<font size=+2 face="Helvetica">Helvetica</font>
<font size=+2 face="Impact">Impact</font>
<font size=+2 face="Comic Sans MS">Comic Sans MS</font>
Comic Sans MS

Note: If you don't see one or more of the above fonts, then your browser probably doesn't support the extended fonts.

Text Color...

You can change the color of the text by setting the COLOR="font_color" attribute in the <FONT> tag. The Color is usually set by using the hexadecimal system (#000000 black to #FFFFFF white) but can also be set in newer browsers by using the simple word of the color. (Red for Red, Blue for Blue, etc.)

Example of Text Color...

<font color="Blue">Hey I'm Blue!</font>
Hey I'm blue!
<font size=+2 face="Impact" color="Green">Hey I'm green and in Impact Font!</font>
Hey I'm green and in Impact Font!
<font color="Red">Hey I'm red!</font>
Hey I'm red!

Learn How to Specify your EXACT Color choice HERE.

Your own HTML page...

Add the following to your HTML page ("Home.htm"): (the blue text is what to add)

<head><title>My Home Page</title></head>
<body background="bgnd.gif">
<center><font color="Blue"><h1>YOURNAME's Home Page</h1></font></center>
This is the home page of <b>YOURNAME</b>.
<p>Type something about yourself here. Describe briefly who you are and what you do for a living. Remember to use bold and italic text, for emphasis.</p>

Save the text file as "Home.htm".
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